Meet our 2018 Brand Ambassadors


Bio: My first memories of my love for photography come from Middle School when I carried around disposable cameras. I've come a long way since then! Owning my own business has pushed me to grow and develop in ways I couldn't imagine.  I primarily concentrate on portrait and commercial work, but I love being behind the camera so new ventures and not-so-standard shoots get my creative juices pumping! Using my imagination to make each photo session unique and blend my creativity with my clients visions makes every day interesting and fun.  


Bio: Hi! my name is Mafer, I’m from Venezuela and "ohlalamacarons" is my little  blog on Instagram, I take pictures of my desserts and I bake them with love.  I also share tips of food styling and recipes. I have my own bakery too!
Bio: Almost from the start there was one constant that bonded me to family and friends, and eventually to my passions, and that is music. I listened to the radio all day, made mix tapes and wore them out. I took turns rocking out on air guitar and drums with my twin brother, and four other brothers. I didn’t just love music, I lived it. Not a bad passion to have since I grew up where I did, in Southern California, right in the middle of a thriving music scene. I went to shows and hung out with bands, I started bands, recorded music, and played my own shows. I went on tours with major label bands, as a merchandise manager, sound & stage technician and glorified roadie.
 When I was in my youth, my father got rid of the television, and bought some music equipment… After getting rid of the T.V. it became tradition for us to listen to my dad read Shakespeare, George Elliot, and other classics to us boys, near the fireplace. It was also tradition to sing together around the bonfire pit in our backyard… This is where I was first introduced to the sacred exchange of a singer/songwriter show and tell… My father and mother played guitar, and one of the first songs us boys would learn, was a song my father wrote… This inspired all of us at various points in our childhood to pick up the art of songwriting… Around our bonfire pit in Orange County, we would take turns in showing each other new songs that we would write, and this was always a vulnerable time, where we would express our hearts to each other through our songs… This sacred and rare occasion continued throughout my childhood, and took more shape as I made friends with other singer/songwriters along the way… Music has truly impacted me for the whole of my life.
There are many long term goals I am pursuing right now, and one of those is highlighting artists that I love, that represent a whole gamut of values that I think are super important. I personally think it is the artists that help shape culture, and I want to help expose artists who embody values that I believe will impact our culture in a positive way... I say all this to say, that Kelly | Moore Bag is one of those artists to me. I was also very pleased to hear that the company was started by a photographer, who put everything on the line, to build a business and her and her family's dreams, and that some of their personal goals are to become more self-sustaining… It seems like artists all over the world are becoming more and more altruistic, and that just gets me excited about all the creative projects we'll start seeing over the next 5 to 10 years. Here’s to bravery, creativity, and humanitarianism!
Bio: Natalie Keller Pariano is a lettering artist and sprinkler of positivity confetti from Columbus, Ohio. She has been described as the Kimmy Schmidt of paper - quirky, earnest and heartfelt! A solo entrepreneur, Natalie is the creative force behind her brand of hand lettered goods, NatterDoodle, and is on a mission to help women feel more colorful, creative and connected! Known for her love of all things rainbow, rad, socially conscious + FUN, Natalie is the Queen of Confetti and travels all around the world, usually with her sidekick (rescue pup Confetticine Alfredo) mural hunting, singing show tunes, hosting creative workshops and finding excuses to throw a theme party!
Bio: Jessica Sowards lives with her husband and five sons in Central Arkansas. Wildly passionate about capturing life, Jessica spent years as a birth and maternity photographer, and when her lifelong dream of having a small farm came true, she took to vlogging on the family's YouTube channel, Roots and Refuge Farm. She is an avid gardener and loves teaching others to grow their own food, and also writes about her life, faith, and farm in various magazines and blogs.
Bio: I am a full-time LSU student in digital advertising with a passion for all things travel, photography, and Disney! When I'm not in the classroom, you can find me planning my next adventure or running around with my camera. :)
Bio: Oh hey there! My names Amanda and I wear many hats. I am a wife to a hunky USMC veteran, a Momma to two crazy little ones, a photographer and so much in between. My life is constant go go go and I wouldn’t have it any other way. After living in North Carolina for long 8 years, my family has now  planted roots back in Buffalo, NY but you can’t expect me to stay in one place for to long. There is nothing more that inspires me than traveling and being in the great outdoors & I bring my little family on almost all of my adventures. Trips feed my soul, but to me there is no better feeling than coming home. My ideal day includes a steaming hot pot of coffee, snuggles and an overflowing bag of movie theater popcorn. These past few years have opened up my eyes to a whole new way of life, family, & living life to the absolute fullest is what it’s all about!
Bio: Angela is a film and digital photographer located in Austin, Texas. She has a heart for orphan care and advocacy, and each wedding she photographs supports The Archibald Project, a non-profit using media and "storytelling to spark and expand a movement of people to care for orphaned and vulnerable children in creative and educated ways, in order to combat and end the global orphan crisis." When not photographing a wedding, on the weekends you can find her sipping coffee or mimosas at brunch with family or friends, outside somewhere pretty, occasionally dropping into a dance class at Ballet Austin, or watching football after church on Sundays.
Bio: Hi. I’m Chad Schoonmaker, the C and the S of CS Creates, LLC. I am an artist, photographer, husband and dad residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I love color, celebrating the works of others and collaborating with clients in the creation of something timeless and meaningful. When I’m not in front of a canvas or behind the camera, I am finding inspiration from being a husband to Allison and dad to Sam. I believe there is beauty in all things and it’s up to us to peel back what isn’t to see what is.