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You'll Need:

  • Your bag (obviously)
  • A Soft Bristle Brush
  • Cotton Cloth
  • Cotton pad to apply wax
  • Wax (We recommend Martexin Original Wax) - LINK
  • Hair Dryer or Heat Gun (1500W is best)

Disclaimer: This takes time, practice and patience! If most of your wax is gone this will take time as you are literally re-filling the empty cotton fibers with new wax. Apply wax section by section (front, back, top, bottom) going through step by step. We’d recommend you start with an area that isn’t visible (bottom of bag) and move to the visible sections once you hone your skills.

Step 1
Get your heat gun or hair-dryer warmed up. Then, get the cotton canvas fabric warmed up using your heat tool of choice moving in a circular motion.

Step 2
Begin to warm your can of wax until it begins to melt. Remember, your goal isn’t to completely liquefy the wax but to soften it.

Step 3
Take your applicator sponge or pad, apply a generous amount of wax on it and rub it onto the cotton canvas fabric. This takes a little practice! Don’t worry about getting too much wax as any excess will just soak into the fabric. Apply enough so you see a layer of wax visibly on your bag.

* If you accidentally get wax on other parts of the bag like hardware don’t fret. Just wipe it off with a clean, white cloth when you’re done. If needed, lightly warm any over-application areas and wipe clean. Steer clear of the leather though as much as you can as it won’t come off as easily

Step 4
After applying the wax, use your heating tool in a circular motion and place about 4-6” from the fabric to seal the wax into the fabric. Depending on the temperature setting or strength of your heat source, you may need to adjust the setting to a cooler temperature or move further away from the fabric.

With practice, you’ll be able to easily gauge when the approach is enough to move the wax into the fabric rather than over-melting the wax. Work at a pace that keeps the heat gun moving. Don’t let the heat gun stay in one spot for too long; keep using the circular motion!

Step 5
Once you work in the wax to your liking, set your bag aside and let it cool down and dry for about 24 hours. Don’t fold, crease or stack your items. A hanger or drying rack works well.
If you apply too much wax, simply use the heat gun to blend it evenly into the fabric, or use the clean, white cloth to wipe away any excess.