Kelly's Story



When you believe in something, sometimes, you mortgage your house....

...and that is exactly what we did 8 years ago when we were dreaming of starting Kelly Moore Bag. I had been a photographer for years, and I was frustrated by the lack of options when it came to bags for my equipment. My options were either to carry a normal handbag with my camera wrapped in a towel, or to carry an ugly black nylon bag. There was nothing that could accomplish both goals.

In 2008, I finally got tired of hearing myself talk about it, and said I was going to move forward with my idea and either put-up or shut-up. Only by the grace of God, I met the right people at the right time, and we began the design process on our first prototype.

My entire family thought I was crazy, and that I had really gotten schnookered. Thankfully, an 18 wheeler full of bags finally showed up, and we immediately began shipping out of the garage (of our mortgaged home mind you) in January 2010.  Within only a few months, we had sold out, and we were placing the next order!


When that happened, I realized one bag was not enough and there were so many different types of people who carried so many different types of gear, so within the first year we launched two more bags.

We also realized that our bags were not just for photographers! The detail and thought we put into each one met the needs of mothers, students, travelers and well, really anyone else who loved a great bag and wanted to stay organized.

Over the last eight years, just as our bags have evolved to be so much more than when we began, I have also evolved as a wife, a mother, and a business owner. I would have never dreamed I would end up living on 30 acres, raising chickens and a garden! Over the years, the nagging desire to simplify and slow down has finally become our reality. On a daily basis, I find myself trying to delicately balance being a working woman AND being a wife and a mom who is present and active in my family's life. It's been a rewarding process, but takes patience!

Me, my wonderful husband (also named Kelly) and my three young daughters (Posey 9, Chapel 5, Esther 4) now live in the country on 30 acres where we have recently built a barn house (Check out our lives on Instagram @kellymooreclark).


As I look forward, my goals are to be more self sustaining, raise my garden & my chickens, enjoy my family and life and make more fantastic handbags!

Thanks for taking a minute to hear our story! AND to those who already know and have walked alongside us as the story has unfolded, we're ever so grateful for your love and support over the years!!