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Jamal The Photographer

KMB x Jamal

Today on the blog, we’ve got a new collaborator—Jamal! Jamal (@jamalthephotographer in Instagram) is a brilliant documentary photographer + filmmaker based in Louisiana (represent!). His work is full of life, beauty, and creativity. We connected with Jamal recently about his work, his love for videography, and why the Scout is the right bag for him! Here are his answers.
What's the one thing in your bag that you absolutely can't live without?
One thing in my bag that I can’t live without is my fujfilm x100v. It’s my favorite camera hands down for pretty much everything that I shoot.

How do you pack your bag for a shoot? Share some tips you've learned in carrying your gear.
I pack my bag pretty light. I like to be able to walk around comfortably while taking photos and have less things to choose from when creating.

Tell us more about the items you choose to carry and why?
I carry my x100v all the time because it’s lightweight, compact, can fit anywhere, and with documentary photography it helps me get the candid shots that I need. For me as a documentary photographer, I feel attached to that camera and that’s important with any gear you own.

When you're on set/location, what do you like about this bag? How does it help you manage your needs while shooting?
This Kelly Moore bag (The Scout) fits my style, it’s compact, and has the perfect compartments for the few things that I carry with me when I’m out shooting. One of my favorite features of this bag is the zipper to secure the items in the bag and making sure nothing falls out.

Talk about the organization features inside and out that make life a bit easier for you.
The spaces make it easy for me to organize gear and to remember where I’ve placed things so I don’t lose anything. I also don’t have to worry about anything falling out because the way the bag is designed secures my items well. This bag for sure will be usable for years to come.

Why is it so important to have a high-quality bag?
Having a high quality back is important to keep my gear safe and to make my workflow efficient. Also, who doesn’t love a bag that’s stylish and can go with many fits?

Where is your favorite place that you've brought your bag? Where will you take it next?
I’ve taken this bag out on a few shoots already and have gotten many compliments! I plan to take my bag on many trips to different states and hopefully one day out the county with me. I feel like this bag will be perfect.
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