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  • Love Affair 2008 Workshop | Kelly Moore Bag

    Love Affair 2008 Workshop

    Well, the time has arrived! After many many hours of planning, numerous conference calls, and a scouting trip to North Carolina, we’re pleased to announce, Love Affair 2008. This workshop...

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  • Larkin & Ben | Kelly Moore Bag

    Larkin & Ben

    I shot Larkin & Ben’s wedding about a week ago. These guys are both from Ruston, and it was really nice to shoot a hometown wedding for a change! As...

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  • V.I.P. list for workshop | Kelly Moore Bag

    V.I.P. list for workshop

    A quick update!!!! We have had over 150 gals request to be on the V.I.P. list!!! How exciting is that? We are hoping to go live in the next few...

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  • Third times a charm! | Kelly Moore Bag

    Third times a charm!

    After being rained out two times, we finally were able to find a nice day to shoot Amanda’s bridals. She’s always fun to work with b/c she’s always up for...

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  • Maureen & Fam | Kelly Moore Bag

    Maureen & Fam

    I met Maureen last February when she attended my Love Addict workshop in Shreveport. She is talented photographer with a beautiful family. I was excited when she asked me to...

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  • More Details ;) | Kelly Moore Bag

    More Details ;)

    So I thought I’d drop a few more details about our upcoming workshop for women. Like i said, we’ll soon be opening up registration and launching our website, but until...

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  • Where have I been?? | Kelly Moore Bag

    Where have I been??

    Wow, It has been a crazy two weeks!! I have so much I want to blog about! I have had so many amazing shoots that I can’t wait to show...

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  • Lindsey & Andy | Kelly Moore Bag

    Lindsey & Andy

    These two were soooo cute! They had such great personality. Thanks for giving me a great shoot guys!

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  • Danielle & Ken | Kelly Moore Bag

    Danielle & Ken

    I have had such a great time getting to know these two and their families. It is very seldom that you find a couple so smitten over each other. You...

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  • I did it | Kelly Moore Bag

    I did it

    From the beginning of this pregnancy, I’ve had people asking if I was going to do “belly” pictures. I had pretty much decided that I wasn’t. Well…..I finally got talked...

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  • Another Great Meeting | Kelly Moore Bag

    Another Great Meeting

    We had our last Crazies meeting this past Thursday in Natchitoches, LA. Again, I was amazed to have 30 people show up. When we started this thing, we really had...

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  • Miss Prince | Kelly Moore Bag

    Miss Prince

    I’ve known Lindsey since she was a little girl….It’s so crazy to be shooting her wedding now! I’m so excited that I’m getting to photograph her at this stage of...

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