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Christmas Traditions from our Team: Anna | Kelly Moore Bag

Christmas Traditions from our Team: Anna

The kitchen and the table seem to be the most popular places to gather this time of year and it always gets me really excited because I love to cook! To me, it's not just a good recipe or one that's been passed down from generations but the experience, the feeling you have when you taste those special dishes that transport you back to your childhood.  It's not only the cooking that I love, but also the presentation that takes those once-a-year recipes to the next level.    There is something really unique about serving at a beautiful table.  Maybe...

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Christmas Traditions from our Team: Mary Arthur | Kelly Moore Bag

Christmas Traditions from our Team: Mary Arthur

We love sharing the Holidays with you. To make this year a little more special we've decided to share from our hearts a few of our tips and traditions to make the season bright. Check back on the blog every Friday in December for a new post.   Here's one today from our Happiness Engineer, Mary Arthur   If there was ever a real life Buddy the Elf, it would be me. Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. I used to have a tacky Christmas outfit for every day in December - having children has mellowed me...

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Holiday Shipping Schedule | Kelly Moore Bag

Holiday Shipping Schedule

December 11th - Last Day for Standard ShippingDecember 17th - Last Day for Expedited ShippingDecember 19th - Last day for 2-day SHippingDecember 23rd - All carriers deliveringDecember 24th - Modified Delivery serviceDecember 25 - All carriers Holiday** All orders must be submitted before 2:00 pm EST on Last Day of Shipping. All dates based on carrier Holiday Calendars **

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 | Kelly Moore Bag

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Let us help you gift something meaningful this holiday season. We have a bag for every person in your life — the relative, the friend, the photographer, the creative, the minimalist, and the fashionista.

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Back in Stock Notifications | Kelly Moore Bag

Back in Stock Notifications

Out of stock, again?! As a small company we do our best to keep your favorite products on the shelf until they arrive at your door to make life just a little better.  Want to know a little secret? It's hard work! Managing stock is a crazy science that most big companies hire entire departments with fancy software to try and hit the ever moving target of the perfect stock level.  Too much stock keeps $ tied up and of course not enough means no sales and sometimes unhappy customers (sorry guys). We order in small batches to keep our...

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Introducing the Daniella Tote | Kelly Moore Bag

Introducing the Daniella Tote

I’m thrilled to introduce our new bag, the Daniela Tote. To give you a little bit of the back-story….For years I have had the goal of designing the perfect slouchy tote. Several times we tried, but we could never quite create something with a good balance between a slouchy material and the structure of our signature baskets. After the weekender launched, many of you asked for something smaller and lighter. It became obvious that it was time to make this smaller, slouchy bag a reality! We kept trying and thanks to one of our designers, Daniela we found the perfect...

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