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Back in Stock Notifications | Kelly Moore Bag

Back in Stock Notifications

Out of stock, again?! As a small company we do our best to keep your favorite products on the shelf until they arrive at your door to make life just a little better.  Want to know a little secret? It's hard work! Managing stock is a crazy science that most big companies hire entire departments with fancy software to try and hit the ever moving target of the perfect stock level.  Too much stock keeps $ tied up and of course not enough means no sales and sometimes unhappy customers (sorry guys). We order in small batches to keep our...

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Introducing the Daniella Tote | Kelly Moore Bag

Introducing the Daniella Tote

I’m thrilled to introduce our new bag, the Daniela Tote. To give you a little bit of the back-story….For years I have had the goal of designing the perfect slouchy tote. Several times we tried, but we could never quite create something with a good balance between a slouchy material and the structure of our signature baskets. After the weekender launched, many of you asked for something smaller and lighter. It became obvious that it was time to make this smaller, slouchy bag a reality! We kept trying and thanks to one of our designers, Daniela we found the perfect...

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A Beautiful Farewell | Kelly Moore Bag

A Beautiful Farewell

We’re saying adieu to our A Beautiful Mess bag. We found out in December that our remaining stock had a little blemish inside the bag. We took it off our site, had several tests done on the stain (to determine exactly what it was) and found out it was simply a glue stain. The small blemish is located on the inside of the front pocket of the bags. Not all are exactly the same, but the pictures below represent a good amount of our stock. Since the functionality isn’t hindered in anyway, we decided to offer you a great deal....

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LUNA - The Perfect Gift for Mom | Kelly Moore Bag

LUNA - The Perfect Gift for Mom

LUNA / Our Vegan Day Bag is the perfect gift for MOM. Here's why! LightweightMom's always have their hands full. This bag is light and can be worncross-body to keep hands free! Easy to CleanOur Vegan material makes spillsand sticky fingers a thing of the past. VersatileWorks for all phases of life. 
Dress it up or down.Use as a diaper bag or camera bag. FunctionalSome bags look great but aren’tfunctional — this bag is. Take $40 OFF during our #mothersdaysale, now until May 12th.    

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A Quick Chat on Creativity | Jenessa Wait | Kelly Moore Bag

A Quick Chat on Creativity | Jenessa Wait

It takes courage to be yourself and to be OKAY with what comes out of you. We can miss the beauty of creativity when we're creating for others approval, because it's about so much more than that! It's about finding out what is placed deep inside of you.
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Art of A Simple Fall - Container Garden | Kelly Moore Bag

Art of A Simple Fall - Container Garden

I love being outside and getting my hands in the dirt. For me it’s a way to relax, enjoy, unplug and simplify life. When I've had a stressful day, nothing helps me relax more than being outside, digging in the dirt, and planting seeds! There is something magical about watching seems become food!  It makes me feel good when I can pull something out of the garden to eat for dinner. Keeping it small and manageable is a way I can garden without getting overwhelmed with a huge project that I won’t maintain. HELPFUL HINTS: - Containers are heavy once...

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