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Next Crazies Meeting | Kelly Moore Bag

Next Crazies Meeting

I just wanted to let all of you know about our next Crazies meeting. It’s going to be: May 17th: 6:30 pm: The Chateau: Monroe, LA For anyone who hasn’t been yet, it’s just a bunch of local(and some not so local) photographers getting together to talk shop/shoot/eat/have fun! All photographers young and old are
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Kristin & James | Kelly Moore Bag

Kristin & James

I shot Kristin & James’ wedding in Pineville last Saturday. They are one of those couples that makes me feel totally at ease. The whole day was relaxed and enjoyable…of course it doesn’t hurt that they are really photogenic!! Here are a few of my favorites:
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Vote for Brandi!! | Kelly Moore Bag

Vote for Brandi!!

One of my beautiful brides, Brandi Bayles has been nominated for Modern Bride of the Year!! Go show your support for her by voting: Vote for Brandi
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Update on my big belly | Kelly Moore Bag

Update on my big belly

So I’ve pretty much been hiding from cameras since I’ve been pregnant! I decided that I would regret not having some form of documentation of my expanding waistline, so Anne took a few shots of me yesterday. I also wanted to update everyone on how I’m feeling. I’m currently 18 1/2 weeks along….almost 1/2 way!
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Amanda & Brad | Kelly Moore Bag

Amanda & Brad

I had a great engagement shoot yesterday with Amanda & Brad. We hung around Ruston and had some fun in undexpected places! Here are my favorites:
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Jennifer | Kelly Moore Bag


I had the opportunity to shoot some images of Jennifer before she “popped”. I don’t get the opportunity to shoot many pregnant women, so I was really excited about this…..especially since I’m well on my way to being where she is! She was so great to work with, and was willing to try just about
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