Thanks to the 359 people who entered to win a Kelly Moore Bag!!!
I know you guys where busy, because there where over 31,000 votes cast in the past 2 days!!

Congratulations to Brittany(#96) and Laura(#76)for having the most votes!!
Let me know what color bag you’d like!!

#96. Brittany W. – My resolution is to be relentless in creating a better life for myself, in pursuing a closer relationship with God and proving those wrong who don’t think I can do any of it.

76. Laura K. Moore – My goal(s) for 2010 is to somehow find a balance between being a good mom to my 2 babies, a wife to my hubby, a solid photographer with 12 solid wedding gigs and 20 new solid client relationships, and a God-glorifying mentor to the handful of ladies in my life. I’d also love it if i could learn how to man-handle the kitchen and make some rockin’ new dishes for my deprived little family. And finally, now that i just had my 2nd baby a few days ago i’m ready to hit the road runnin’ and wanna finish a half-marathon this summer! Oh baby watch out!

Also, I decided to give away one more bag to my personal favorite entry.  I was so touched by Jen’s entry and how she’s made such bold decisions in her life.
Thanks Jen for the kick in the butt!  Let me know what color you’d like!

303.  jen s. – i have followed your blog for years & when i saw your self portrait video (of you in your hotel room) the first time you posted, it touched me- but i ignored it… then you reposted it last winter & I couldn’t ignore it. i felt like there had to be a reason i was seeing it a second time (and the message about God lifting the fog in your life really hit me). the instant my husband got home from work, we talked about how we could change our *seemingly miserable* lives… the next day we put in our notices at work. in the weeks following, we sold everything we owned (minus cameras, computers, and guitars), moved into my parents basement, and lived without for a year. in 2010 we are moving south with whatever we can fit into our car, to live our dream. thank you kelly for being an inspiration!