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What's In Your Bag With Taylor Durham | Kelly Moore Bag

What's In Your Bag With Taylor Durham

What bag are you carrying and why is it your favorite?
I am currently carrying the Jude 3.0 and it’s my favorite because it holds absolutely everything I need and is stylish without screaming “camera bag”. It has a comfortable carrying strap for me to throw over my shoulder and bring wherever I need! I also love the waxed canvas since we live in the south and rain storms happen frequently so I’m not worried about the bag getting damaged if it gets a little wet.

Tell us about some of the items you choose to carry.
I always have my Canon 6D Mark II, 24mm lens and 85mm lens in my bag at all times. Along with it I have my speed light, 70-200mm lens, wallet and memory cards. I also usually have my extra glasses, water bottle and food of some sort!

What's the one thing in your bag that you absolutely can't live without?
I cannot go anywhere without my camera and this bag is so amazing at keeping it safe during our travels and my shoots.

How do you pack your bag for a shoot? Share some tips you've learned in carrying your gear.
I have the customizable divider pouch set up so that my camera is in the middle of the bag at easy reach! I have the sides split up so I can carry my extra lenses while having them accessible to switch back and forth between them with extra memory cards in the side pockets also at easy reach.

When you're on set / location, what do you like about this bag? How does it help you manage your needs while shooting?
When I’m carrying this bag, I don’t have to worry about my gear getting damaged, which has always been a worry when I bring everything with me. Aside from photography shoots, this bag accompanies me while traveling with my husband and 3 year old who is not the most gentle with things. My son has carried this bag for me and never once am I worried about my gear inside of it due to it’s protective design. The wide frame for the opening makes it easy to flip open and grab whatever I need quickly and the divided pockets keep everything organized and right at my fingertips!

Talk about the organization features inside and out that make life a bit easier for you.
I love how many pockets this bag has. The customizable basket inside keeps everything in it’s place. The outside pockets are great to keep any cards or money if I don’t feel like bringing my whole wallet with me.

Where is your favorite place that you've brought your bag?
This bag is newer to me but it has already been to the Great Smoky Mountains and many beach trips with me! We travel home to visit family quite a bit and this bag goes with my every time.

What's your favorite shoot / memory with your bag?
My favorite memory of this bag so far is watching my son try to carry it through the Smoky Mountains after begging me to let him. It’s a large bag, so at about half his size, he wasn’t making a ton of progress, but it’s an adorable memory that’s now forever in my heart!

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