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What's In Your Bag With Tarah Sweeney | Kelly Moore Bag

What's In Your Bag With Tarah Sweeney

What bag are you carrying and why is it your favorite?
I use the Tourist because it is phenomenal! haha Not even exaggerating! I've been using this backpack since it came out and it is tried and true and my fave ever! I can easily fit my gear into it, it's super comfy to wear and I can easily wear it while shooting too! I get compliments on it all the time too!

Tell us about some of the items you choose to carry.
I carry my big ol' camera, 3 lenses, my lens blaster, a beanie for wind because I shoot at the beach a lot and my hair flying around is me! ;) I also carry my intervolmeter at all times in case I need to set up a shot with me in it!

What's the one thing in your bag that you absolutely can't live without?
My camera and my 35! I could probably live with that lens and my camera and be a happy minimalist. I wont. But I could.

How do you pack your bag for a shoot? Share some tips you've learned in carrying your gear.
I'm super easy going with my routine - I keep my gear in the Tourist at all times because I'm on the go all the time with my sessions as well as my family and I never want to miss an opportunity. I do keep lens wipes and extra cards too.

When you're on set / location, what do you like about this bag? How does it help you manage your needs while shooting?
I love that I can wear this bag easily while shooting. Like I mentioned, I shoot at the beach a lot and leaving my gear on the ground when rogue waves/tide hitting it, is not an option!

Talk about the organization features inside and out that make life a bit easier for you.
I have a spot for everything in my bag and so often clients bring their phone or keys or something that I need them to set down, but they aren't comfortable doing so, having the extra dividers and pockets to hold their things is always so helpful!

Where is your favorite place that you've brought your bag?

What's your favorite shoot / memory with your bag?
Definitely any adventure with my family- the most recent faves were Zion National Park and Lake Arrowhead!


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