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What's In Your Bag With Nancy Cole | Kelly Moore Bag

What's In Your Bag With Nancy Cole

What bag are you carrying and what do you love about it?
I am currently carrying the Steph 2.0. I love how I can wear it as a crossbody and have my hands free during a session!

Tell us about some of the items you choose to carry.
It depends on the session! If I am going to an engagement or portrait session, I carry my nifty 50, my 85mm, and my 5D Mark IV. If it’s a wedding day, I typically keep my 35mm and 50mm near me as well as a flash. I also carry extra memory cards and my debit card as well as my cell phone!


Nancy Cole

What's the one thing in your bag that you absolutely can't live without?
I can not live without my cell phone. I handle any client contact, social media, etc! Of course, I can’t live without my camera!

How do you pack your bag for a shoot? Share some tips you've learned in carrying your gear.
I have learned to carry absolutely what is needed during a session, so I make sure that I have the lenses that I need and extra cards. I keep my bag with me as I shoot and I don’t want to be running back and forth to other bags or other locations to get other lenses.

When you're on set/location, what do you like about this bag? How does it help you manage your needs while shooting?
This bag allows me to wear it as a crossbody bag so that I am able to have both of my hands free while shooting. I am also able to quickly grab other lenses that I need during a session or wedding and not have to constantly open and close the top of the bag.

Talk about the organization features inside and out that make life a bit easier for you.
The separators of the bag keeps my bag organized and my gear safe and secure. I also like the multi-use pockets where I can keep essentials like my keys, cell phone and extra cards.

Where is your favorite place that you've brought your bag?
My favorite place to date that i’ve taken my bag is Dallas Texas for a wedding. I was so glad to have it with me because it made my life much easier on the wedding day!

Where do you plan to take your bag next?
Wherever my camera takes me is where my Steph 2.0 will go!


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