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What's In Your Bag With Katie Torwalt

What's In Your Bag With Katie Torwalt

What bag are you carrying and why is it your favorite?
I am in love with the Compass Backpack! We travel often and it’s the perfect, sturdy carry-all for my laptop, mom essentials, and snacks so I don’t get cranky!

Tell us about some of the items you choose to carry.
Well, even before this year, you will find me with a pack of Lysol wipes, a notebook for songwriting ideas, something to bribe my child with for a longer car or plane ride, and an unnecessary amount of lipstick.

What's the one thing in your bag that you absolutely can't live without?
My AirPods! They were a gift I got after having our little girl and I use them everyday to make calls and listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

How do you pack your bag for a day out?
Share some tips you've learned in carrying your gear (like photography), or the items that make your life easier to live well. I always empty out my bag and repack it before a big event or trip. It gives me peace of mind that I didn’t leave something vital like ID, gear, or once again snacks. 🤣

What do you like about this bag? How does it help you manage your needs in daily life?

I love the secure laptop compartment, the structure and ease to get things out of it in a pinch. I feel organized and can have my hands free while still carrying everything I need.

What has your journey been like as a style influencer?
I have always loved style and have been drawn to it as a way to express individuality. As I’ve gotten older, I’m becoming more interested in pieces and designs that will last—timeless, quality staples.

Where is your favorite place that you've brought your bag?
Hawaii! It’s our favorite spot to relax and get away and after 2020, I couldn’t wait to get back! My Compass Backpack was the perfect carry-on!

Learn more about Katie by following her on Instagram.

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