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KMB x Philip Leclerc

KMB x Philip Leclerc

What bag are you carrying and why is it your favorite?
I’ve been on a search to find a bag that not only is functional but looks good too. For me, having a bag that meets those two needs is huge. I’ve not been able to find that for years. Material is a key part of what I look for in a bag, so the waxed canvas and leather, which will last, feels great. It’s going to wear beautifully. As a photographer and content creator, having a bag that has that versatility is so important. The separate compartment is the biggest benefit to the bag. To be able to easily access my camera separate from my laptop and other pieces of gear is so important. That’s everything to me. Even the surprising amount of gear that I can fit into is huge, including my drone, lenses, AND a large camera body all fitting inside of that storage compartment. 


Tell us about some of the items you choose to carry.
Several lenses, a large camera body, and my Mavick drone, as well as my laptop, several hard drives and any additional gear I may need go in the roll cover. Everything that I need for a day exploring or shooting photos is accessible in this one bag. 


Talk about the organization features inside and out that make life a bit easier for you.
I love all of the separate compartments, including the small mesh pocket. I know that my smaller items, like my camera cards, hard drives, and more, are secure in those little pockets, and it’s unlike anything I’ve found in other bags. 


Where is your favorite place that you've brought your bag?
Because I use this bag every day, it comes with me everywhere. There really isn’t a place this bag wouldn’t go with me. Living in Northern California from a hike to a waterfall to a day at the lake, or even working at a coffee shop downtown, this bag is versatile. When I’m meeting with new clients, it still has a professional, clean feel. There’s so much versatility in this one bag. 


What's your favorite shoot/memory with your bag?
Recently, my family and I took a drive up to Mount Shasta and continued into Southern Oregon for a day trip. Being with my family hiking and visiting the natural beauty in the area was something that I loved, and the bag was a part of that. I can carry my gear and family stuff at the same time. 


Learn more about Philip on Instagram and Vimeo

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