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What gear is in Kelly’s Camera Bag?

What gear is in Kelly’s Camera Bag?

Kelly Moore Bag | Kelly’s Camera Bag from Kelly Moore Clark on Vimeo.

NOTE: This giveaway is now over.  The winner is commenter #249, Crystal Heis!  Congratulations, Crystal!

what is your go to lens?

The questions have been rolling in about what I have in my camera bag and which lens is my go-to lens.  Today, I’m sharing all my little secrets about what’s in my camera bag (they aren’t really secrets but it sounds mysterious).  

And…we are having a pretty awesome giveaway today!  The winner will receive a $250 gift card toward their next camera purchase, a Pictapgo app, and a Kelly Moore Bag.  Pretty awesome!  To enter the giveaway, tell me what’s in your Kelly Moore Bag or what you’d like to carry in your Kelly Moore Bag.

Check out the video above where I get down to the nitty gritty about lenses, camera bodies, and when I use which type of camera and lens.  Below I are some key times in the video you won’t want to miss if you’ve got a one of these specific questions you’d like answered.  Also, if you scroll down a little you’ll see all the links to each item in my camera bag.

questions I answer:


what camera body do you use? 00:55

what is your favorite lens? 02:55

want to meet Esther, my youngest daughter? 04:10

why do you use a wide angle lens?  06:30

what is bokeh? 07:05

when do you use a zoom lens? 07:35

should I buy a macro lens? 08:00

what flash system do you use? 08:15

when do you use a reflector? 09:00 


Do you have more questions?  Great! Ask them in the comments below and automatically be entered into the giveaway. 


links for all of my gear


canon 5d mark iii – my professional camera body

canon 6d – the camera I use around the house and to photograph my family

canon ‘L’ series lens 35mm/1.4 – this is my favorite lens, it’s on my camera most of the time

canon ‘L’ series lens 50mm/1.2 – my 2nd favorite lens

canon ‘L’ series lens 70-200mm/2.8 – I don’t use this lens a lot unless I’m at a wedding 

canon 600 EXRT flash – I get two of these because they can talk to each other

reflector – the big disk that I use to bounce light into subject’s faces to light up dark under eye circles, etc


check out pictapgo

You’ve heard me singin’ Pictapgo’s praises for a few weeks now.  I love their app for my photos! I use my wifi from my camera to my phone and then edit my photos in camera in my Pictapgo app.  I also use A Color Story by A Beautiful Mess.  Between the two of them I get results I love.

pictapgo before/after


a color story before/after


Enter the giveaway for a $250 gift card toward your next camera gear purchase, a pictapgo app, and a Kelly Moore Bag by telling me, in the comments, what’s in your Kelly Moore Bag or what you’d carry in the Kelly Moore Bag you’re dreaming of (or ask a question). 

Kelly Moore Bag for taking on errands

I love the Collins for grabbing when I’m in a hurry.  My camera can slide in here, making it easy to have it on the go whether I’m at the grocery store or in the car rider line waiting to pick up at school.  Perfect for always having my camera with me so I don’t miss the little, random moments of climbing Esther or big helpers.  Check out the Collins bag here



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