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Week 2 | Kelly Moore Bag

Week 2

We’re well into week 2 of LOVE AFFAIR. . We’ve gotten our second wind, and we’re having a blast with this group of 40 women.
Here are a few images from the past few days.
A nice self portrait
Lauren modeled for us Saturday. She’s such a greek goddess
B-Ho came with me to help out, and ended up modeling!
Lauren did some of these sweet retouches for me
Sweet Po went home last Thursday, and I’m missing her bad!! She had her first squash today without me…how sad.
We had some free time this afternoon, so we went on a bike ride to the market. You’d think we would get tired of each other, but we still hang out together in our free time. It’s seriously like we’re sisters.
Lauren has a nack for finding our good good angles…..(sarcasm for those who don’t know)
Millie doing her cool stunts on the bike!
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