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Up Late, New Actions and LOVE ADDICT.

Yup. I’m doing the one thing I tell all of you not to do…..stay up late working!

Since LOVE ADDICT, I don’t feel like I’ve really had the chance to catch up, so I’m using the quiet, rainy, 1:30 am darkness to get some things done.

I’m sleepy

Sometime I forget I have freckles until I see a picture like this!

Why yes, I am wearing the same shirt I was wearing Saturday.

I thought this would be a good time to give you a quick update on what’s going on here.

***Blogging: I have 2 great weddings(Bickham & Huffman) to blog. I wanted to get them done this week, but It might possibly be next week before I’m able.

***Go Tech Bulldogs!!! We had an exciting weekend tailgating and watching our Dawgs beat Mississippi State!

***I’m worried that I might need glasses. I think all the time in front of the computer is messing up my vision! Holla if you hear me!

***Posey has had 2 pretty serious allergic reactions it the past 2 weeks. We think it’s wheat or blueberries…..we’re really hoping blueberries! She goes to see the doc Thursday morn, so wish us luck!

***I just bought the Boutwell’s new actions, but haven’t actually been able to try them out yet. Tonight is a good chance to do do that. I’m not sure which ones I love yet, but I had to try them out just to see.

***While at LOVE ADDICT, I really didn’t get to shoot much myself. I spent most of the photo shoot walking around watching others do their thing. I did catch a few along the way, so here they are.

You may recognize Mrs. Yaklin(now Mrs. Marks). Lindsey was one of my favorite brides last year. She and her hubby Andy live in Dallas, and I was so excited that they could model for us!

All our lovely models

Katie May hard at work getting her shot!

I’d like to thank Joanne Miranda of Joanne Designs for the AMAZING Headpieces she let us use for our models. She does such beautiful work! If you are a bride, and you are looking for something classy, funky and elegant to finish off your ensemble, Joanne has something for you!
Joanne’s work is sold at A Carolina Wedding, 17 S 2nd Street, Downtown Wilmington or you can reach her directly by phone at 910-619-7681 or call her at A Carolina Wedding, 910-762-3312. Also, her email is:

I want to thank the wonderful people at “The Apartment Dallas” for making this workshop come together so well. Not only is the venue top notch, the people were so accommodating. I would recommend The Apartment to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary.

Thanks to Sarah Gillespie a MAC Professional who did a fabulous job on the makeup!

Last but certainly not least, a big thanks to all the folks at, Tillman’s Roadhouse. We had our finale dinner at Tillman’s and they rocked our socks off. I’d never had food so eclectic and tasty! I was definitely NOT on my diet that night. I you are ever in Dallas, you have to make Tillman’s a priority!

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