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Tidbits: the new 5d Mark II

I always find it interesting that there are certain things about software and camera equipment that we are just supposed to know. How the heck are we supposed to know these things if no one tells us??

I just upgraded to the 5d mark II, and unlike my normal self, I’m actually reading the manual and practicing with it before I jump into a shoot. First of all, I just upgraded to Photoshop CS4. I’m pretty sure you have to have CS4 if you are shooting with the new Mark II(but don’t quote me on it). I’ve been having trouble seeing my camera raw(cr2)files in Bridge. I read that you could convert those raw files into DNG’s, and bridge would see it, but that’s just annoying, and it adds a whole new step to my workflow!!
Anyway, I found the info on Adobe’s site today that told me exactly what to do. If you’re having this trouble, click on the link below and it will walk you through it.
Basically, you have to download a file from adobe and copy and paste it into a specific place in your program files.
Hope this helps at least one person out there!!

Click here for instructions on how to update Bridge to see 5d Mark II raw files

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