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Tidbits: How to Focus

Tidbits: How to Focus

I thought it might be fun to start a new section on my blog: Tidbits! This will be posts where I share things that I’m learning about all things photography. So here is my first official Tidbit

How to focus when you can’t look through the viewfinder:

On most lenses (at least on my canon lenses), when the lens is mounted to the camera, you’ll see on the top of the lens a small glass window with numbers in it. The white numbers are meters, and the green ones (that you can’t see very well) are feet. As you focus the lens, you’ll notice that these numbers change. These numbers are telling you exactly how many feet from your lens your subject has to be to be in focus.
So last night, when I took my self portrait, I put my lens on manual focus, aligned the white line on the top of the small glass opening to point to 2.5ft. I then stood exactly 2.5 feet in front of the lens and
voilà, I was in focus!
Hope this helps, and I better be getting some entries!!!

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