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Tidbits: 5d mark II

As most of you know, I got my new mark II in the mail about a week ago.  I’ve had lots of Christmassy things to photograph with po and the family to test it out.  I’ll be blogging soon some of those images.  I wanted to make a quick post telling you some of my favorite things about the mark II.  Hopefully this will help those of you out there who are trying to decide if you’re going to get one.
Keep in mind that I loved the original 5d.  You know how it goes….what you have it incredible until you get something better

Things I love about the 5d Mark II

1.  The size of the LCD monitor.  It’s really big, and the images look so pretty on it!

2. You can see the “blinky thingy”(highlight alert) all the time….not only when you are viewing all the info.

3. 21 megapixels!  These images are freaking detailed!

4. You can set your camera to different image recording qualities.  In english: this means that I can set it to take photos at about 21m,  10m or 5m.  This is great, b/c at a bridal shoot, I will most likely want the image the full 21m, but at a wedding, I really don’t need them that large.  Such a great feature!

5. The smart battery.  I’ve heard many people complain about the mark II having different batteries that the original.  Once I did a little research on this battery, I think it’s worth the extra $$.  First of all, I’ve had this one battery in my camera for a week, and it still has 1/2 power, so that’s pretty cool.  Second of all, you can register these batteries in your camera.  Once you’ve registered them, there is a place on the camera that shows you detailed info about this specific battery: exactly how much power is left; the shutter count; and it’s recharge performance.  This will allow us to know when a battery is going bad.

6.  The video feature.  The mark II takes beautiful video, and when you are using great lenses, the video looks just like the photo does!! Very cool.

7. Sensor Cleaning:  This camera has a built in sensor cleaning unit that shakes off the dust every time you turn off the camera.

8.  The LCD screen is light sensitive.  Just like the interior lights in your car get brighter when you turn on your headlight, this camera adjusts to the situation you are in.

I’m sure there will be many more, but these were the first things that have impressed me in the first week.

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