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Thirst Relief Auction:  Bid on ME!!!

Thirst Relief Auction: Bid on ME!!!


Hey guys! This is my first year to participate in the Thirst Relief Auction, and I’m hoping that someone out there will bid on me
For those of you who are interested, I am being auctioned off, and here are the things you will win if you are the highest bidder(You can click on each item to visit the website of each sponsor)
a Give Me Moore Session
$250 print credit from Pounds Labs
1 Complete service book from Forbeyon. Design + Print and Bind. The size can be either an 8×10, 10×8, or 10×10.
Guest Book from Jonesbook

(a total value of over $2200!!)

for those of you out there who don’t know how it works, here are the details:


The Thirst Relief Mentor Benefit Auction will start this Thursday, January 29th at 6pm EST.

Those who want to bid will need to register before they will be able to start bidding.

The auction will close on Sunday, February 1st at midnight EST.

When someone is outbid they will be notified by email.

As soon as someone has paid in full for your auction you will be notified and sent contact information for the person who won your auction.

It is your responsibility to get in touch with the person that won your auction and set up the details of providing the things promised in your auction.

There is an anti-snipe feature that keeps an auction going if people are still bidding on it at midnight on Sunday, Februrary 1st.

If you have any questions about the auction, you can email them to:

Also, here is the link to where the auction will be held:



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