Happy Wednesday everyone. My name is Stephanie and I am Kelly’s assistant. I am a crafter, thrift-er, and lover of all things vintage. I am thankful that Kelly has been so gracious to let me share some of my creations with all of you Kelly Moore fans. Also, thanks to Meredith for rockin these jewels!

Here begins my series of small collections of handmade goods. This set was inspired by my interest in using leather/suede cord and by an old necklace from H&M. I enjoy working with different textures, fabrics, and new and old materials to create fresh pieces that have a story.

Each of these items is for sale. If you’re interested or have any questions you can find me at stephanie@tealannie.com, twitter.com/stephaniedugard.

Teal Annie is my growing dream and I am excited to share a small part of it with you today.



Metal Feather Necklace. $18

Aqua Jewel Necklace. (SOLD)

Antiqued gold jewel Necklace. (SOLD)

Peach Jewel Necklace. (SOLD)

Earrings fashioned together with metal wire, antiqued bead caps, suede cord, and jewels from the old H&M necklace.

Rust Earring. $15

Pink Jewel Earring. $15

Purple Aqua Earring. (SOLD)

Mustard Hot Pink Earring. $15

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