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  • Ryan


    I shot Ryan’s senior portraits today here in Ruston, LA. I was really excited to photograph Ryan because I knew he had great style! We where hoping for a great...

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  • Kelsey


    I shot Kelsey’s Senior Portraits about a week ago. She is a beautiful, smart, talented girl, and she was great to work with. Besides the fact that I ran out...

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  • Casey


    I shot Casey’s senior portraits today.  I hadn’t seen her since the last time I did their family portraits, probably 8 years ago. She has grown into such an amazingly...

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  • Calling all Seniors!!

    Calling all Seniors!!

    I don’t know if you can tell, but I’ve really been enjoying shooting seniors lately! As I grow and learn as a photographer, each year is different, and this year,...

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  • Marisa

    I had Marisa’s Senior shoot today. I’ve really grown to love shooting seniors. They are always so willing to try anything to get a great photo! We started at her...

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  • Matt

    Brandi and I went to Little Rock a while back to photograph her cousin, Matt’s senior portraits. He is such a great guy. You could tell he had joy in...

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  • Kourtney

    I shot Kourtney’s senior portraits last week. I ended up getting busy, so I’m just now getting to blog them. Here are a few of my favorites! Normally, I have...

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  • Tyler

    I had the chance to shoot my cousin Tyler’s senior photos yesterday. I think he’s my cousin….he’s my pawpaw’s brothers daughters son….. Regardless, we had a good time, and it...

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  • Alex

    I never get to shoot senior guys, so what a treat today to photograph Alex. With his curly hair and impeccable style, you can’t go wrong! Here are a few...

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  • Jamie

    We stayed around Ruston to shoot Jamie’s sr. portraits yesterday. Mom and sis came along, so we decided to let them get in the fun too!

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  • Beautiful Carmen

    I was able to photograph Carmen’s Sr. Portraits yesterday in Shreveport…..Isn’t she amazing?? She has such a fun style that made photographing her a work of art!

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  • Chanel | Kelly Moore Bag


    It’s been a while since I’ve shot a senior. I wouldn’t mind doing them all the time if they could be this fun! Here are a few from Chanel’s shoot....

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