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  • Give Me Moore…..Courtney

    Give Me Moore…..Courtney

    Courtney traveled all the way from Columbia, S.C., with a bag of snickers and a six-pack of diet coke in hand …and I knew it was gonna be a great...

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  • Nap Time

    Nap Time

    Posey sometimes finds in necessary to nap with all of her stuffed animals

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  • Life, Posey and Planes

    Life, Posey and Planes

    I thought it was time for a Posey post   Poor thing never gets any attention! You may have heard me mention that she really wasn’t talking much when she...

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  • Snow, Snow, Snow

    Snow, Snow, Snow

    It’s not very often that we down here in Louisiana get snow, much less 5 inches! We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland I was so excited to...

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  • Posey and Remy

    Posey and Remy

    When we got home from church this afternoon, we pulled into our driveway at the same time as Russell my brother(we’re neighbors) Posey and Remy LOVE each other, and although...

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  • Posey’s 2nd Birthday!!!

    Posey’s 2nd Birthday!!!

    We had Posey’s 2nd birthday Party at her Aunt Wendy’s house. Since we were doing an Old McDonald theme, the Monnin’s Farm was the perfect place! It was a beautiful...

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  • ZoZo Bug Baby

    ZoZo Bug Baby

    I absolutely love Julie Martin’s clothing!!  Julie’s clothing line, ZoZo Bug Baby, is too cute for words! I ordered several pieces for Posey a while back, and when Julie heard...

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  • Two Suez Photography

    Two Suez Photography

    Thanks to my good buddy Katie May from Two Suez Photography for taking Posey’s photo today! This is actually the first time I’ve had someone else take Po’s photos, and...

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  • A sweet surprise

    A sweet surprise

    It’s always a sweet treat to find old photos of po that if forgot that I took.  They are usually hiding in a clients folder, and maybe I grabbed my...

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  • My Sweet Po

    My Sweet Po

    I can’t believe she is getting so big!  I’m am enjoying my summer so much.  It’s amazing just being a mom, and wife

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  • Posey, 20 months

    Posey, 20 months

    Every month, I get inspired(or maybe I feel guilty) to go out and photograph Posey. After all, I am a photographer.  I should have the most amazing photos in the...

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  • Long week!

    Long week!

    Many of you may already know, but we had to go into the hospital this past Saturday with Posey.  No worries, she is swiftly getting well thanks to all of...

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