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  • Give Me Moore…….Jessica! | Kelly Moore Bag

    Give Me Moore…….Jessica!

    Jessica was in town from West Virginia to visit family, and decided she might as well come spend a day with me. Jessica is still in college, working on THREE...

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  • I heart Robby & Jessica | Kelly Moore Bag

    I heart Robby & Jessica

    Robby Followell is one of the coolest people I know! Robby interned for me about 2 years ago, and I instantly loved him. He is one of the most giving...

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  • vote for me please! | Kelly Moore Bag

    vote for me please!

    I am INCREDIBLY honored that I have been nominated for BluDomain’s “Girl of the Year”!!! Thanks to whoever out there nominated me. So if you have a moment, please please...

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  • Give Me Moore…..Tracy | Kelly Moore Bag

    Give Me Moore…..Tracy

    Tracy and I spent all day learning great things about aperture and shutter speed. I think her life is changed Thanks Tracy for waking up at the crack of dawn...

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  • Laura | Kelly Moore Bag


    I had a beautiful session with Laura and her hubby the other day. She was brave and let me have free reign. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting these,...

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  • The Big Move | Kelly Moore Bag

    The Big Move

    After weeks of thought, prayer and deliberation, I’ve decided to move my studio home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my studio, but at this point in my life, I’m excited to...

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  • 1 spot for Love Addict | Kelly Moore Bag

    1 spot for Love Addict

    Just a quick note. I just had 1 spot open up for this years LOVE ADDICT WORKSHOP coming up in August. If anyone out there is interested, please let me...

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  • looking back | Kelly Moore Bag

    looking back

    I thought it would be fun to post some images of myself over my lifetime. Most of you have seen fairly recent one’s, so i decided to mainly post when...

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  • internet explorer not working?

    Just to let you know, I’m having lots of people tell me they are only able to see 1 image per post when they view the blog in internet explorer....

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  • Give Me Moore…….Jill | Kelly Moore Bag

    Give Me Moore…….Jill

    Jill drove in this week from Tulsa to spend a little one on one time with me. We have been exploring all day and have gotten some great stuff. My...

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  • Gone Swimming | Kelly Moore Bag

    Gone Swimming

    Being that it’s my birthday week, I’ve been trying to take off. Yes, I do have lots of work to do and yes, I am procrastinating Monday, Morgan(sis-in-law) Remy(nephew), Posey...

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  • a few happy birthdays! | Kelly Moore Bag

    a few happy birthdays!

    Thank you all you sweet people who took the time to tell me happy birthday! Here are a few Also, yesterday, I scanned a bunch old pics of myself to...

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