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  • Silver


    One day I want to write a book called, “The life cycle of a photographer”.  Having been a photographer for 15 years, I’ve gone through so many seasons in my...

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  • Anna-Rose

    I’ve been itchin’ to shoot lately, so I was thrilled when Anna-Rose agreed to let me photograph her!  This weekend is her prom, so it was perfect that we were...

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  • Bunny & Chick Cake Pops

    Happy Easter everyone!!  Originally, I wasn’t planning on blogging about making these cute little cake pops, but decided it was a must after my experience. I decided to make these...

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  • My new WHITE room!!!

    Well, I recently conquered a long time fear of mine!  I know it’s crazy, but I’ve always been afraid to paint a room white.  I see it in magazines and...

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  • toot, toot

    toot, toot

    Ok, so posting this is probably just tooting my own horn, but I was so proud, I had to share! Last year, I submitted several of my images to WPPI’s...

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  • Chapel: 4 months

    Chapel: 4 months

    It’s hard to believe she’s already 4 months old…..but it’s hard to remember life without her.  You can read about Chapel coming into our family here….and in the next couple...

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  • 12 Days of DIY Christmas: Day 1

    To celebrate the Christmas season, I’ve asked some of my closest(and creative) friends to share with us their favorite holiday DIY projects.  I’m excited to introduce you to my friends...

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  • Homemade Hot Chocolate!!

    Homemade Hot Chocolate!!

    Growing up, every winter, my mom would make a huge batch of Hot Chocolate.  It’s one of those things that brings back memories and makes me all warm and fuzzy...

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  • Oh Christmas Tree (contest)

    Oh Christmas Tree (contest)

    I knew I wanted to try something different this year for our Christmas Tree.  As I was flipping through the latest West Elm Look Book, I was inspired by a...

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  • Thirst Relief Mentor Auction

    Thirst Relief Mentor Auction

    Last year, the sponsors and 90 mentors who participated in the Thirst Relief  Mentor Auction raised more than $40,700 which directly provided 8,147 people with clean water! 100% of the...

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Is it too early to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving?  I’m usually the slacker mom who brings goodies to school in a Wal-mart bag.  This year, I’ve made friends with...

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  • Chapel’s Room

    When we first learned we were going to adopt, naturally, I couldn’t wait to start decorating the room.  As we left our first meeting with Candice(birth mom), Kelly Boy specifically...

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