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  • It’s a Girl!!!!

    After 24 hours of intense natural laboring, Makayla Jane Breedlove still didn’t want to come see us! She was having way too much fun in Mommy’s belly. The doctor’s decided...

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  • Today is the Day!!! | Kelly Moore Bag

    Today is the Day!!!

    Yeah!! Melissa, my lovely friend/associate/office manager is in labor today! She’s been in the hospital since 10ish last night. I know she’s ready to have her sweet bundle here. The...

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  • How are you doing? | Kelly Moore Bag

    How are you doing?

    Hey all you contestants out there….how are you doing?? I know Ross Frazier and Maureen Wilkinson are kickin’ booty. How about you? And no, this isn’t my real weight!!! I...

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  • What’s up? | Kelly Moore Bag

    What’s up?

    2007 was such an amazing year! God has been so good to me and my family! If I had to count all of my blessings, I wouldn’t have enough fingers...

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  • 2 more lbs!!!

    Whew hoo!! 2 more pounds down. I’m at a total loss of 5.2 (25 total if you count losing Posey ) Not as good as I’d like, but hey, as...

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  • getting in shape…week 1

    Today was my 1 week weigh in at our local Weight Watchers meeting. My heart was beating hard b/c I was nervous I hadn’t met my goal of 2 lbs....

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  • D-Day….continued! | Kelly Moore Bag


    First of all, let me thank all of you for being so dang supportive. I almost didn’t do the post b/c I thought everyone would laugh at me I’m glad...

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  • D-Day!!!!! | Kelly Moore Bag


    Today is the day…..Thanksgiving is over, and two months have passed since having Posey. I’ve enjoyed every bite! Today, handsome Kel & I darkened the door of our local Weight...

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  • Happy Belated Thanksgiving | Kelly Moore Bag

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving

    Posey has recently found her tongue….it’s hard to catch a shot with her not sticking it out! mom with no makeup! posey…….most of the time

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  • through farm country | Kelly Moore Bag

    through farm country

    As I was driving back from my wedding this weekend, I drove through farm country. My husband (handsome kel) grew up there, and craves the vast open spaces. His dream...

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  • Still not here! | Kelly Moore Bag

    Still not here!

    Just to give you all a quick update…..Posey still isn’t here. No big deal, today is her actual due date, so officially she’s still not “late”. I’ll go to the...

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