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  • Skylar Laine

    Skylar Laine

    2 weeks ago, my great(and talented photographer) friend Robby Followell asked me to assist him on one of his shoots.  He had been hired to photograph American Idol, Season 11...

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  • Winged


    This is something I’ve had on my mind for quite a while.  You may know that I used to teach one on one workshops called, “Give Me Moore” sessions.  Several...

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  • Erica


    Thanks to all the folks that worked together last minute to make this shoot happen! Model: Erica Silverman Hair: Stormie Robinson Assistant: Josiah Kennedy Makeup:  Sarah Diaz Shoes: Songbird of...

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  • Silver


    One day I want to write a book called, “The life cycle of a photographer”.  Having been a photographer for 15 years, I’ve gone through so many seasons in my...

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  • Christa Black

    Christa Black

    I had the amazing privilege of photographing Christa Black this past weekend.  She was in town to play a show with Grant Terry at Coda Bar & Grill in Monroe,...

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  • We made homeade wheat bread!!!

    We made homeade wheat bread!!!

    As many of you know, we have recently moved to the country. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t that rural(we’re still less than 10 minutes away from the nearest fountain...

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  • Lisa & Chris

    Lisa & Chris

    I have known Lisa and her family forever, and I was so excited when they asked me to photograph Lisa and Chris’ wedding in Hot Springs, AR. This couple(and the...

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  • Give Me Moore……Mandi

    Give Me Moore……Mandi

    Mandi visited me today all the way from North Dakota! Let’s just say, she got a strong dose of good ole’ southern hospitality! I think she had a hard time...

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  • The Two Suez

    The Two Suez

    Every once in a while you find people that are in your tribe. You know what I mean….they think like you, they laugh at what you laugh at. Well, that’s...

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  • Sabrina & John

    Sabrina & John

    I had Sabrina & John’s wedding this past weekend in New Orleans, LA. When I heard they were having a costume wedding on Halloween, I knew it was going to...

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  • Give Me Moore……Janet

    Give Me Moore……Janet

    I spent the day with Janet who visited me from Magnolia, Arkansas. We were lucky to get an amazingly beautiful day to shoot! Thanks Janet for spending the day with...

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  • Give Me Moore……..Jennifer

    Give Me Moore……..Jennifer

    Jennifer drove all the way in from Kerrville, TX to spend the day with me today! Jennifer was on a mission to perfect her lighting skills, so that is what...

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