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behind the scenes: gmm with amber

Posted on in Kelly Moore Bag Blog by Denys Shchotkin

how give me moore got it’s start giveaway is closed: the winner is Sophia Moore! Brandi and I have been friends for years and years. She’s been my best friend and, kind of unintentionally, we both realized she was good at styling. So over the couple of years that I offered Give Me Moore workshop...

Moore Tips: Using Bounce Flash

Posted on in Kelly Moore Bag Blog by Kelly

from scary to soft and beautiful giveaway is closed: simona walters is the winner! You’ve probably seen photos where the light looked soft and beautiful and photos where the light looked harsh and made a person’s wrinkles and lines show up…possibly making them look older and a little scary.   ...

10 Tips to Up Your Selfie Game

Posted on in Kelly Moore Bag Blog by Kelly

Giveaway over:  Thank you everyone for participating!  You’re awesome.  We love reading your responses and ideas!  Commenter #124, Monique Richter is the giveaway winner! my take on selfies OK people, can we talk about selfies? Some are good, and some are real bad. In this age of shameless selfi...

What gear is in Kelly’s Camera Bag?

Posted on in Kelly Moore Bag Blog by Kelly

Kelly Moore Bag | Kelly’s Camera Bag from Kelly Moore Clark on Vimeo. NOTE: This giveaway is now over.  The winner is commenter #249, Crystal Heis!  Congratulations, Crystal! what is your go to lens? The questions have been rolling in about what I have in my camera bag and which lens is my go-to...

Moore Photo Tips: Breaking Down A Photo [off camera lighting]

Posted on in Kelly Moore Bag Blog by Kelly

  Photography is back Over the past few months, photography has been calling my name.  A week ago, I asked my awesome Instagram followers what they would like for me to teach when it comes to photography.  The most asked for subject was off camera lighting.    In the months to come, I’ll be shar...