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  • Moon’s Grocery

    Handsome Kel was in Mexico with his job this weekend, so Posey and I went with my parents my bro Ross, my Aunt Peggy & Uncle Jere to a place...

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  • Featured on Southern Weddings Magazine Blog

    I just got home from the big D, and this years LOVE ADDICT WORKSHOP I was stalking some of my favorite blogs today and realized that I’d been featured on...

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  • This is a test

    As most of you have noticed, I’m updating my blog today. Bear with me as I get it all situated Kelly, I’m working on your wedding as we speak

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  • Technical Difficulties

    Hey Guys. I wanted to let you know that we have been having technical difficulties with our phone for the past 5 days. I thought it was quite around here…I...

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  • internet explorer not working?

    Just to let you know, I’m having lots of people tell me they are only able to see 1 image per post when they view the blog in internet explorer....

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  • Closed for August | Kelly Moore Bag

    Closed for August

    I wanted to let all of my clients know that I’ll be taking off the month of August….with the exceptions of my weddings of course. I’ve finally decided it’s too...

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  • My New Site!!

    When I was in North Carolina for LOVE AFFAIR, Davina, Millie, Lauren and I decided that since we spent 2 weeks critiquing everyone else’s work, we should be able to...

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  • And the Winner is!!!! | Kelly Moore Bag

    And the Winner is!!!!

    Heather Cole!!!!! Congratulations to Heather Cole for kicking her booty into high gear, and loosing a whopping 12.5 inches. From the very beginning, I could tell Heather was serious about...

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  • She’s here! | Kelly Moore Bag

    She’s here!

    Yes, it’s true! Posey has arrived! I don’t have pics yet, but I’ll try to get some up next week. I was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday morning at...

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  • Don’t miss the Sept. Crazies Meeting!! | Kelly Moore Bag

    Don’t miss the Sept. Crazies Meeting!!

    I wanted to remind all of you photographers out there that we’ll be meeting this Thursday. My good friend Jennifer Robison hooked us up with a super cool venue to...

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  • My Pregnant Muse – Updated!!! | Kelly Moore Bag

    My Pregnant Muse – Updated!!!

    Since I last posted, Jen had her baby! Siriana Liv Kilpatrick was born on Sunday. To all of our surprise, Siriana was 9lb. 5oz. and 22 inches long! Jen is...

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  • Amanda & Brad | Kelly Moore Bag

    Amanda & Brad

    I had been looking forward to Amanda and Brad’s wedding all year. They have been such great clients. Amanda was always so excited before every shoot! She said her goal...

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