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  • Give Me Moore…..Teri

    Give Me Moore…..Teri

    Terri visited  us from the U.K. bearing European chocolates, 7 1/2 months pregnant and fighting jet lag. To say that she is a trooper is an understatement. We spent the...

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  • Give Me Moore……Kellie & Traci

    Give Me Moore……Kellie & Traci

    Kellie, Traci and I go waaaay back!  I actually consider them “the original” Kelly Moor e Crew. They attended my very first workshop, “Love Addict”,  in 2006, Love Affair- Bald...

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  • Give Me Moore…..Brandi

    Give Me Moore…..Brandi

    Brandi Koch visited me all the way from the Dallas, TX area yesterday. We had such an awesome time! Thanks Brandi for coming to visit! Also many thanks to the...

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  • Give Me Moore…….Jim

    Give Me Moore…….Jim

    It’s seldom that I have a Gent visit me for a Give Me Moore, so I was so happy to have Jim visit me for the day! Jim bid on...

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  • Give Me Moore…Melissa

    Give Me Moore…Melissa

    Just wrapped a blistering H-O-T-T (in moore ways than one;) Give Me Moore session, with my good friend(and former associate) Melissa who drove up from Mandeville, LA. Thanks to Ben...

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  • Give Me Moore…..Courtney

    Give Me Moore…..Courtney

    Courtney traveled all the way from Columbia, S.C., with a bag of snickers and a six-pack of diet coke in hand …and I knew it was gonna be a great...

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  • Give Me Moore…..Laura

    Give Me Moore…..Laura

    Laura just walked out the door from our Give Me Moore Session today. She traveled all the way from Kansas City, MO to spend the day with me. I really...

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  • Group Give Me Moore: Jan 19th

    Group Give Me Moore: Jan 19th

    Yesterday was my Group Give Me Moore Session here in Ruston, LA I had 8 girls from all over the globe come spend the day with me. We met at...

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  • Give Me Moore…..Cat

    Give Me Moore…..Cat

    Cat drove in today from Lafayette to do a 1/2 day GMM session. She came bearing roses!  I think she was the first girl to ever give me roses We...

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  • Give Me Moore……Anita

    Give Me Moore……Anita

    Anita wrapped up this season’s Give Me Moore Sessions! We have had some really great GMM’s over the past several months, a and today was no exception! Thanks Anita for...

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  • The Two Suez

    The Two Suez

    Every once in a while you find people that are in your tribe. You know what I mean….they think like you, they laugh at what you laugh at. Well, that’s...

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  • Give Me Moore…….Angela!!!

    Give Me Moore…….Angela!!!

    Angela just walked out the door headed back to Dallas, TX. She arrived this morning with Sprinkles Cupcakes in hand, and I knew it was going to be a good...

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