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  • Brittany & Frank | Kelly Moore Bag

    Brittany & Frank

    SUCH a great couple! These guys have been so fun to work with. About an hour before the reception ended, Brittany said, “Let’s go take pictures”. We went out into...

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  • a sneak peak | Kelly Moore Bag

    a sneak peak

    I’ve been working on both Kate & Jeremy & Brittany and Frank’s weddings today, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peak. I’m going to blog both over the...

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  • 12 days until the big 30!! | Kelly Moore Bag

    12 days until the big 30!!

    Well, July is here, and I’m excited about turning 30 on the 13th! I know my brain dump the other day sounded bleek, but you know everything is always better...

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  • Melanie & Beau | Kelly Moore Bag

    Melanie & Beau

    Melanie and Beau had a beautiful backyard wedding at their home in Alexandria. It was a perfect day for an outside wedding. Here are a few of my favorites: Melanie….don’t...

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  • Posey | Kelly Moore Bag


    Don’t ask me about the hair….we got bored the other day, and decided to play. We LOVE bath time she covers her ears when I sing

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  • Thanks for the LOVE

    I just wanted to thank all of you for the big ole’ love fest over the past 2 days. Truthfully, I almost didn’t post my brain dump, b/c I thought...

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  • Vote for Pedro…..

    Well, actually, I don’t think he was nominated….but I was!!! If you have a spare moment, I would be thrilled if you would click on the link below to vote...

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  • Millie, I want to brain dump too.

    One of my great friends Millie taught me this thing called “Brain Dump”. I thought tonight would be a great night for that. -I’ve been out of town for over...

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  • Give Me Moore….Natalie! | Kelly Moore Bag

    Give Me Moore….Natalie!

    Natalie & I just finished up a great day full of Louisiana heat, lenses, photoshop & much more!!! She did great….here are a few of our favorites: Brandi requested a...

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  • LOVE AFFAIR, NOVEMBER | Kelly Moore Bag


    So I didn’t even bring my camera on our scouting trip, so I’m using Lauren’s images to post. We had a great week planning and getting things ready to launch...

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  • Love Affair Scouting Trip……Out until the 18th. | Kelly Moore Bag

    Love Affair Scouting Trip……Out until the 18th.

    Well, I just drove in from Jackson, MS where I shot my great friends Robby & Jessica’s wedding last night. I have a busy week ahead of me! I’m flying...

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  • Erin & Todd | Kelly Moore Bag

    Erin & Todd

    I shot Erin & Todd’s wedding in South Carolina about a month ago. Handsome Kel and I were able to go together to enjoy this wedding. It was a beautiful...

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