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Summer Fun Goals

Summer Fun Goals

I’ve been brainstorming and dreaming about projects that I want to work on this summer, and I thought….
“What better place to voice those things than to my loving blog readers!”
Some of these things are personal goals just for me, and some of these things are with Handsome Kel and Po.


1. Learn to Sew
2. Go to the Zoo
3. Fly a Kit with Po
4.  Try a new recipe once a week
5.  Go to the farmers market in Ruston (hallelujah that we finally have one!!)
6.  Eat more fresh veggies
7.  Exercise at least 4 days a week
8. Color
9. Swim
10.  Watch Po run in the sprinkler
11.  Shop at antique stores
12.  Finger Paint
13.  Blow Bubbles
14. Take naps
15. Drink more water
16. Be more crafty
17.  Go on dates with Handsome Kel
18.  Read a book



ok, now your turn….make a blog post with your summer fun goals and leave the link to it in my comments area!

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