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Summer Fruit Smoothie

Summer Fruit Smoothie

Beware, this may be the best smoothie you’ve ever had!  I don’t even like smoothies really, but this one is worth trying.  I’m pretty sure this is going to be a summer staple.

Stephanie, my office manager brings smoothies all the time for her lunch.  I realized Posey really enjoyed them, and wouldn’t quit asking Stephanie to “share”.  I decided to experiment to find a smoothie that we all liked.

This recipe came partly from my friend Heather Land, then I added a few things.  I hope you enjoy!


– 2 cups frozen fruit(strawberries, bananas & blueberries).  I used frozen store-bought blueberries, but freeze my own strawberries and bananas.  I just sliced the fruit, then laid it out on a cookie sheet on top of parchment paper.  Once frozen, I put it in a zip lock freezer bag so I’ll have it ready when I need it.  I do this in bulk….also helps my strawberries not ruin so quickly!  Using frozen fruit makes this smoothie have a great texture and it’s so cold!

– 1 1/2 cups ice

– 1/2 cup milk

– 1/4 cup coconut  juice

– 1/4 cup V8 Fruit Fusion(I used strawberry banana)

– 1/2 cup of greek yogurt(I prefer vanilla flavored)

– 2 TB sugar OR honey(you don’t have to add this…I just like the extra kick of sweet)

Just add all of this to a blender or food processor and go!  This makes a pretty big batch, so you may want to 1/2 it if it’s just for 1 person.  This also freezes well.  When I want to eat it later, I just pop it in the microwave on melt mode.  It tastes like I just whipped it up!

Note that you may like your smoothie thicker or thinner than I do, so feel free to adjust the ice/juice ratio to your preference.

I also made popsicles out of this mixture, and it turned out great!

Hope you enjoy!



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