It’s not very often that we down here in Louisiana get snow, much less 5 inches!
We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland
I was so excited to get Posey all dressed up and go outside to introduce her to snow.
We bundled up….well sort of….we really don’t own snowy kind of clothes down here.
She kind of looked like a rag-a-muffin, but she was warm, so that’s all that matters.
When we went outside, she totally freaked out!  She dug her head in my shoulder and
wouldn’t even LOOK at the snow.  I guess it is kind of scary if you’ve never seen it before.
Anyway, I ended up going to get her cousins across the street(who happen to be from Maryland).
I knew if anyone could teach Posey how to play in the snow it would be Addie and Phinie(and Remy too!)
Posey did end up in the snow, and they had a great time, but I was again reminded of how
I’m not really great at photographing children.  Every time I photograph kids, I gain
more of a respect for people who do.

I also wanted to throw a little video in here of Posey doing her eyebrow trick.
(please pardon the grape juice face)

Posey’s Eyebrows from kelly clark on Vimeo.




Why does she look so OLD here?? She’s only 2, but she looks 4 in these pics!!


Cuzin Remy


Cuzin Addie and Phinie(the twins)



Aunt Morgan marveling at the pretty snow.


Our very feeble attempt at making a snow angel.



Hey, maybe if you make him lay down and wave his arms, he’ll like it! Ok, probably not