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Self Portrait Contest….YOU VOTE!

Self Portrait Contest….YOU VOTE!

Thank you all for entering your self portraits! I was excited at how many of you were up for the challenge! Like I said in my previous post, the winner will win a spot at my upcoming Give Me Moore group workshop on January 21st.
So here is the catch… get to decide the winner! There is no way on earth I could choose just one. Take a look at all the entries below, and then vote at the bottom of this post. When you vote, consider not that it is just aesthetically pleasing, but consider the level of difficulty, how much thought the person put into it…..does it tell a story, does it speak to you? Please be fair and don’t vote more than once. Keep in mind each person’s name is ABOVE their photo. I will close voting Midnight on Tuesday January 6th, so get all your friends, family and blog readers to vote for you!
If you submitted a photo to me, and you do not see it below, please let me know asap.

I can’t wait to see who wins!!

Andrea H.

April H.

April S


Ashley R.


Brittnei B.

Camille C.

Casey R.

Catherine G.

Christy F.

Cristy C.

Emma Leigh L.

Eva C.

Jenna H.

Jennifer E.


Jessica S.

Jill S.

Julie J.

Kallie W.

Karen H.


Katherine R.

Kelly S.

Kimberly C.

Kori R.

Lacy D.

Lauren K.

Lauren W.

Lissa A.

Mandi S.

Mandi Z.

Meggie V.

Melanie P.

Melissa C.

Melissa P.

Melissa Tomeoni

Melissa Tsao

Missy C.

Natalie W.

Nichole J.

Paige N.

Ross F.

Ross M.

Russell M.

Sarah T.

Savannah K.

Scott N.

Stephanie O.

Tara S.


Victoria F.

Wendy M.

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