Self Portrait

Sometimes I get in a creative mood. Tonights mood started when we were at a Christmas Party for my husbands work. Our waitress had short hair, but it was kind of curly and messy. I thought, “I should try that with my hair. ” Well, around midnight, I plugged up my curling iron and decided to play. They I thought, “I never do this to my hair, I should take a picture”. One thing led to another, and it’s 3:00am and I’ve got my lights, camera, & tripod set up in my kitchen and I’m taking self portraits. I know, I’m vain, but I think it’s good for everyone to take the time to do this every once in a while.  Let me tell you why:

#1: You realize how hard it is to focus when you aren’t behind the camera

#2: It makes you incredibly aware of where to put the lights

#3: You get to try lots of expressions that you’d never do if someone were taking your picture

#4: It’s fun to stay up late and be creative sometimes

#5: It good for you as a photographer to be in front of the camera….it makes you realize how hard it is to be there!

#6: I’m sure there are more, but I’m getting sleepy

So, I challenge you to take a self portrait.  It can be anything.  I’d like to give away a spot to my January workshop, so send me your self portraits, and I’ll post them here.  If I really like yours, then you can have a space at my upcoming group GMM session on January 21st.

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