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RUMO’s….coming soon

RUMO’s….coming soon

I’m sure many of you have heard me talk about my brother Russell.  He is a fabulous stylist!  He, his wife, Morgan and wee tot, Remy moved back to Ruston about 6 months ago.  He has always had the dream of opening up a really rad barber shop, and I’m so excited that this is finally happening!  The shop will be called, RUMO’s Barber Shop, and yes, he does both men and women’s hair.  The idea of it is, “The Barber Shop Evolved”.  He’s hoping to open April 1st, so I’ll keep you in the loop…
All that to say that me and (the fabulous) Josh Smith are working together to produce a commercial for Russell.  We are a long way from being finished, but I thought I’d give you a tiny snippit of what I’m contributing to this project.  This little clip is 88 images combined to look like it’s motion…’s not video.  Pretty fun.

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