I’ve been doing a lot of talking lately, so it’s time I start doing some moving. I’ve decided to start featuring one organization a month that helps in aiding the poor, sick and needy. I hope that you who are reading this will join with me to make a difference and help those who can’t help themselves.

I realize it’s so easy to look over this, and then do nothing….I’ve spent most of my life doing that, but I urge you to ask yourself what you can do to help. Look at what just a little bit can do:

Your $30 gift will help feed 3 children for three months.

Your $50 gift will help feed 5 children for three months.

Your $100 gift will help feed 10 children for three months.

Your $1000 gift will help feed 100 children for three months

At the risk of sounding like Sally Struthers, just look what a few pennys per day can do. I spend more than this on my daily diet coke!! If everyone who reads this blog commits to give just a little(or heck, even a lot) every month, this could bring food to children who would have died otherwise.

The Organization:
Life Outreach International

Their Mission:
Around 425,000 children depend on their programs each month. When hunger strikes, LIFE feeds and ministers to starving children and their families thoughout Africa, including Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and parts of Sudan. Mission Feeding is the powerful combination of the generosity of God’s people, and the compassion of mission teams in the field….together lives are saved, now and for eternity.

My Challenge to you:
Give! I don’t want to be guilty of doing things for the praises of men, so I struggled with whether to post this or not. I don’t want this be a, “Look at what I’m doing” post. I just thought this would be a place where we could encourage each other. You don’t have to tell what you give, but if you give, please comment to spur others to do the same thing!

How do I give:
Click here to go to their website to give