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I just got an email from my good friend Alex. Let me see if I can explain this:

I met Alex several years back because he was a photographer and he contacted me b/c he had relatives who put him in charge of booking their wedding photographer. I got an email from him today that made me laugh! I love Alex, and truthfully didn’t even remember this incident, but I thought it was definitely blog worthy.

Alex’s Email to me:
“So way back when, at Colette and Nathan’s wedding I asked you to get a shot of her “ok-ing” the signing the marriage license on his back. i thought i was so cool, so original, so “modern” giving you “ideas” let me just say I’ve been shooting weddings for like 2 years now and ALREADY can not stand it if someone even suggests that shot. i “had” to do it this past weekend.

I think of you every time it gets brought up. thanks for being nice to me.”

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