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Posey’s first sketti

She’s had the baby food spaghetti, but this week, I decided she needed the real stuff. It’s the first meal I’ve really cooked since living here…don’t judge me! Kel and I usually do sandwiches or cereal, and I love lean cuisines. We just graze at night. Now that Posey is getting to the age of eating “real” food, I’ve decided I have to start cooking. It kills me to think about her forming the same eating habits that I have! I would love if she would choose veggies over something processed.

Soooo, If you have any healthy, fairly easy meals that you love to cook, PLEASE send the recipes my way!

I think this might have been her first pickle too.

I can’t believe she’s almost 1. Yes, sometimes we wear bows in the bathtub

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