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Posey is 3!!!

Posey is 3!!!

In true Kelly Moore style, I didn’t think it would be appropriate to blog my child’s birthday
during the actual month she turned 3!  If I’m not procrastinating….I’m not breathing!
Here are few shots from the party.  I wish I would have gotten more photos, but I’ve
had this nasty habit lately of  enjoying where I am and forgetting to break out the camera.
(if you photograph for a living, you’ll know exactly what I mean!)

It was such a great party!  We grilled out, swam, ate lots of things that were bad for us, and then we painted.
Here are a few from our fun filled day.  It was almost 2 months ago, and Posey is still talking about it.

Thanks mom for always making sure Posey has the coolest cakes on the block!
Thanks Heather (social bites of Ruston) for being a great friend
and making our goody table look over the top yummy!

And of course, thanks Aunt Wendy for letting us crash your beautiful home for the party!

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