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Posey, 20 months

Posey, 20 months

Every month, I get inspired(or maybe I feel guilty) to go out and photograph Posey.
After all, I am a photographer.  I should have the most amazing photos in the world of my child right?
Today was one of those days.  It was also one of those days that confirms my decision to no longer photograph children.
I mean seriously, this childs mother should take control of the situation and make her child mind…..HAAAA!
I do love her more than words can express, but she is a fireball
For those of you wondering, Posey is doing great!  Once we were home from the hospital,
It took me and Kelly longer to recoup than it took her!!  Thank you all for your prayers!

Me, Po and Aunt B ventured out with some super cute new outfits from ZoZo Bug Baby(click here to view).
Als0, thanks Katie May for your Bella Bit(click here to view)

This one is her taking her daily breathing treatments.  If we have to do them, at least we have a really cute dinosaur nose.








Posey’s favorite thing in the world….high stepping







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