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Po & Chap

It was time for a sister shoot!  I just thought it was hard photographing one…shooting the both of them just about sent me over the edge.

As you may know, I’m a spur of the moment type of gal, so despite all the things I “needed” to get done this day, I chose to take pics of my beautiful girls.  I guess the stars aligned just right.  The weather was nice, it was a good hair day for Posey, and they were both in great moods.  Of course, as soon as we arrived to the location, which was just down the road from our house, Posey got stung by a wasp.  It was pretty much down hill from there.  She cried & whined most of the shoot.  Chapel was great, except this was her first full on experience with tall grass.  She was amazed, so she spent 100% of her time trying to get her hands on it.

All this being said, it’s good for me to do these shoots to remember why I stopped shooting kids a long time ago.  I’m just not good at it!  I prefer subjects who listen to me and obey  I so respect child photographers!  The shoot was somewhat salvaged by me bribing Posey with frozen yogurt.  I could hear the words coming out of my mouth, and I realized I was one of those parents that always annoyed me while I shot their kid….threatening, bribing, begging.  I was pittiful!  In fact, Posey’s teacher later told me that Posey came to school and said, “My mommy took my picture.  I was scared.  She was acting crazy.”   HA!! Busted!

I’m sure I’ll keep photographing them, even though I promise myself next time I’m going to hire someone else to do it…..did I mention how much I adore these girls??  I’m so thankful that God has given us these two(polar opposite) gems to care for.  Amazing.

Tent & Quilt by: Zozo Buy Baby 


This may look like Po is having a blast, but you are actually witnessing her in a full on tantrum!

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