This is the first time I’ve  reviewed any type of product on my blog, so I’m pretty excited about getting to share my thoughts on Joey L & Lara Jade’s Photographer Shoot – off!

Joey L. is one of those photographers that makes me feel like I suck as a photographer (I promise this is a complement).  The first time I was introduced to his work, I remember being mesmerized by his skill with light and subject, not to mention his photoshop work AND his age.  I’m one of those photographers that have a hard time enjoying other photographers amazing work, because I want to be able to produce images just as beautiful as they do!  In fact, it was seeing some of Joey’s early work that spurred me to dive into creative lighting.  As for Lara, I hate to admit that I’ve just become familiar with her work, but I’m pleased to admit, I now have a new photographer to envy!  Lara is a triple threat.  She is not only beautiful and incredibly talented, but she has a charming accent that makes you love her from the moment you begin watching these tutorials!

Joey recently sent me a copy of Lara & his new “Photographer  Shoot-off” tutorial.  I was thrilled to be able to check it out, not to mention glean some of their wisdom for myself!

What is Photographer Shoot-Off?
This tutorial is a video based tutorial where Joey L. & Lara Jade each walk you through several different types of photo shoots and then show you how they edit in Photoshop.  The premise of the tutorial is that it’s a challenge between the two photographers, which is fun because it adds playful competitiveness, however rather than truly compete, it really just shows how 2 very different photographers would tackle the same type of situation.  This is really beneficial because it shows that there is not necessarily one right way of doing things, and how important it is to have your own interpretation of a shoot.

Did you like the video format of the tutorial?
YES!!! Absolutely!  I love that there aren’t diagrams, lengthy paragraphs and charts to read, but simple video footage.  I believe that most photographers are probably visual people, so being able to sit and watch a video really helped keep my attention.  I learn by watching & observing, and the fact that Joey & Lara take the audience with them on these shoots is really helpful.  I found myself observing how they interacted with their subjects, where they placed themselves during the shoots as well as their placement of lighting.  It was like I had a front row seat to a live workshop.  Well done guys.

Was the photoshop portion of the tutorial helpful?
YES!  I learned so much from both Lara & Joey as I watched them edit in Photoshop.  I felt that the photoshop section of this Tutorial ALONE would have been worth the investment.  These guys are the best at what they do, so it’s exciting to watch and learn as they edit in real time.

Other Thoughts…..
What I loved about watching Lara & Joey shoot, edit and converse was seeing that they are real people.  I know that as a photographer, it’s really easy to see work from people like Lara & Joey and think “I could never produce anything like this”.  This tutorial takes you with them and shows you that they have to work for what they get!  For example, in Joey’s first shoot, you see him take a household lighting dome and rig it using duct tape to be a strobe cover.  Also, you see a situation where Lara’s lights didn’t work as planned, so she improvises using one of the videographers constant lights.  These guys are not necessarily “technically” trained photographers, but what makes them great is they make it happen.  They didn’t just waltz into these perfect shoots, set up the lights, take 2 shots, and boom….perfection.  You see them shoot, think, adjust, shoot again, shoot again, adjust….etc.  This is the reality of ANY photo shoot, and I love that I was able to watch these two in real situations.

Ok, Kelly, is this tutorial really worth the price?
Yes, without a doubt.  I’ve been a photographer for almost 15 years, and after watching this tutorial, I feel energized to get out there and experiment!  I was inspired by every part of what these two showed me, from the actual shooting to the editing.  As with ANY tutorial/workshop out of the market, of course, there were things I saw that I already knew,  but If I can walk away with just a handful of goodies to add to my repertoire, I always think it’s worth it (and I think I walked away with more than a handful!)

Where there any CONS to this tutorial?
Not really.  IF I had to find something that I thought was a negative, it would be that some of the videos where pretty lengthy….HOWEVER, this could be a PRO as well.  I think they were lengthy because they were very thorough, which is really what you want in a tutorial.  Keep in mind, I was watching while my 4 year old was awake, so she was sitting in my lap, trying to touch the keyboard and asking a MILLION questions  Just a funny tidbit:  She kept asking if Lara was a princess….and in my book, YES, Lara is absolutely a princess!

Ok, I think that’s all for now!  If you have any other questions about Joey & Lara’s Photographer Shoot-off, feel free to leave your questions in the  comment section of this post and I’ll answer you.


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