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Pallet Planter

I’ve been perusing Pinterest(follow me on pinterest) lately for ways to display my plants as well as creative uses for old pallet’s. I saw someone secure mason jar’s to an old piece of wood and use it as a planter, and this gave me the idea of doing the same thing with an old pallet and terra-cotta pots, which I love!  I was thinking about making a window planter to go under my kitchen window, but I think this is even better!  It was really easy, and very inexpensive.

What you’ll need:
old pallet
hose clamps(I found these at Lowes.  I purchased the terra-cotta pots first, and then took them to the plumbing section to make sure I purchased the clamps that fit)
terra-cotta pots



There are small slits in the hose clamp already, so this was the easiest place to screw it to the pallet

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