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Paleo Pancakes

Posey’s very favorite food in the whole world is pancakes.  Before we started eating paleo in February, I probably made them once every couple of weeks for her.  I make a mean buttermilk pancake!  My kids still aren’t 100% paleo(baby steps), but I still feel guilty filling them with all that processed flour, so I haven’t made them in a while. It’s pretty sad, because she still asks for them all the time.  That’s why I’m so stinking excited that I found this recipe!

I’ve tried several paleo pancake recipes, but up until now, I was pretty disappointed.  A huge part of eating is visual…you eat with your eyes first, right?  Since going paleo, I’ve tried lots of paleo pancake recipes that just didn’t look good, and if it doesn’t look good, I just can’t do it, and my nit picky kids sure won’t like it.  I realize these aren’t the real deal pancakes, but they do LOOK like the real thing, so 1/2 the battle is won right there.  Plus, you top anything with maple syrup and a side of bacon, and it’s going to be great!  Here’s the cool part…these actually taste good!  Both my kids DEVOURED these like nobody’s business.

My husband saw someone post a similar recipe on Facebook the other day.  He sent me a screenshot and asked me to make them.  I’m not sure who posted the recipe, but thanks for the inspiration!  That recipe was pretty simple…just bananas and eggs, so I decided to soup it up a little.

Hope you enjoy!




Paleo Pancakes
Serves 2
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  1. - 2 ripe bananas
  2. - 4 eggs
  3. - 1/2 to 1 cup almond flour(depending on the consistency you like)
  4. - 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  5. - 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  6. - pinch of salt
  7. - butter(for the skillet)
  1. - In a bowl, mash your bananas well. I use a blender, this really makes the batter smooth
  2. - Add eggs, almond flour, vanilla, maple syrup & salt to your bananas & mix
  3. - Heat your skillet on low-medium heat. Once it's hot, add a little butter to the middle of your pan.
  4. - Add a little batter to the center of your pan. Let cook almost all the way through, then flip to cook the opposite side
  5. - Once it's done, top with maple syrup or honey and EAT!! Add fruit and a side of bacon if you really want to go all out!
  1. Just remember LOW & SLOW! Since this batter isn't the same consistency as normal pancake batter, once you add the batter to your pan, you need to wait until it's cooked almost all the way through to be able to flip it without everything tearing apart and being a big mess! If your heat is too high, your pancake will burn before you can flip it.
  2. If your batter is too runny, add a little more almond flour until it's the consistency you like.
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