As most of you know, here at kellymoore photography, it’s more than just me making keeping this show running. About 2 years ago, I hired Melissa to help me out around the office……little did I know, I couldn’t live without her! She was soon in training to become my associate photographer. Melissa continues to astonish me with her mad photo skills and even madder people skills.
About a year later, Anne came along. Again, we didn’t even know how much we needed her. She’s already been here a year, and without her, I don’t know what we’d do. A few months back, we all talked, and decided it was time for Anne to get in on the fun. She has been training with me for the past several months to become my second associate photographer. She too has blown me away at how fast she learns, and the amazing images she’s already putting out.
It’s so exciting to have both Anne and Melissa working here. They have allowed me to relax and enjoy being pregnant. In fact, they don’t even need me to run this office.
Anyway, I just wanted to give props to my girls, and also to let you know that they both have new websites. Check them out!

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