This week, my life was changed.  I was introduced to the Eye-Fi card.  A friend of mine posted a pic of one on Instagram, so I googled it.  My life will never be the same!

I love photography.  I love being creative.  I love using my Canon camera & lenses to manipulate light and create beautiful images.  I do not love the time that it takes to shoot, download, edit, save, and then finally post my pics. With 3 kids and a business, I just wasn’t making the effort to take my camera out of my bag because I knew the time that it would take to get my end result.  So what has happened to me over the past few years is that I would carry my camera with good intentions, but then, for the sake of convenience(and the instant gratification of social media), I would shoot with my phone.  Because, if we are all honest, our phone pics have become the new family album.  I do love my phone’s camera, but it always leaves me wanting.  I have missed having the control and beautiful images that my professional camera gives me.  

Enter the Eye-Fi Card.  Wait for it….
Here’s how it works: I take photos with my pro camera; I pick up my phone and the images have been wirelessly transmitted via the Eye-Fi Card to my camera roll!!!!  Beautiful, high quality images from my pro camera are on my phone immediately, ready for me to do a quick edit with my favorite apps(see below for a list), and put on social media. 

You may think I’m being over zealous about this, but this is HUGE for me!  I’ve sort of been mourning that fact that I don’t use my camera as much, so this was like a re-birth of the photographer Kelly that I really want to be. I’ve had my Eye-Fi card for a week now, and I’m still giddy!  

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.59.34 AM


The Pros(these are for the PRO X2 Card.  For the Mobi version, all these features may not be available.  See their site for details):
– I can have my images on my phone IMMEDIATELY!  This allows me instant access to all my photos so I can put them on social media.
– The Eye-Fi is an SD card, so it will work in most cameras.  If your camera doesn’t have a SD slot, I’ve heard rumors that you can get a SD/CF card adaptor.  Google it.
– The(Pro X2) card will transmit jpg, raw & video.  I’ve chosen to shoot large jpgs.  This helps the wireless transfer go faster than if I shot RAW.
– The card(Pro X2) can be set up to send images to your computer if you don’t want them on your phone.
– The card comes with a USB card reader as well, so you can still plug it up to your computer the old fashioned way if you want to download your images.

– When I received it in the mail, It didn’t have instructions.  I had to go to their website to get all the info on how to set it up.  
– It was a little confusion to get set up.  They offer several kinds of cards, so it was confusing finding out what set of instructions I needed to use to set up my particular card.  Of course, this could all be user error.  I’m not great at “deep reading”…  I’m a skimmer.  It’s possible that I was so excited to get it working that I didn’t take the time to read all the instructions thoroughly.
– That I didn’t know about this sooner!!

Here are a few images this week that I shot with my camera, edited with my favorite IPhone apps(Pic-Tap-Go, VSCO Cam, A Beautiful Mess)and posted.  If I hadn’t been using my new Eye-Fi Card and my Canon 5d M3, I probably wouldn’t have captured these moments.

If you have any questions about my Eye-Fi experience, just post in the comments and I’ll reply.  I have not been paid or compensated in any way to endorse  this product.  I purchased the Eye-Fi on my own free will, and have blogged about it because I’m genuinely excited!