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Morgan | Kelly Moore Bag


My beautiful sister in law, Morgan Moore just had my nephew yesterday. His name is Remy Moore, and he is sooo cute. I wasn’t able to make it to Huntsville, AL to photograph the birth b/c I had shoots…..and she popped him out in less that 5 hours!!!
I was able to get a few shots of her last week while she was still pregnant. I mean seriously…have you ever seen a better looking pregnant woman??!! I’m really glad we were able to get these before Remy made it here.
I know I wanted to shoot right at sunset, so it was tricky. As usual, we were running late, and almost missed it. She was a trooper. It was pretty cold, and she was out there in her BATHING SUIT, and no it wasn’t a maternity suit

Here are a few:

This shot was inspired by an image I saw a few years back from The Image Is Found….they are AMAZING.

And one that has nothing to do with morgan I had lunch with my good friend Josiah today, and he took a shot of me.

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