Handsome Kel was in Mexico with his job this weekend, so Posey and I went with my parents my bro Ross, my Aunt Peggy & Uncle Jere to a place called “Moon’s Grocery”. I’d never heard of it, but it is evidently famous in these parts. It’s a grocery store out in the middle of NOWHERE that serves great steaks. It’s not very often that I have a weekend off to hang out with the fam, so I really enjoyed it. Mom said I needed to bring my camera to document this place For any of you wanting to check it out, here is the address:
Moon’s J E Grocery
6979 Highway 9
Homer, LA 71040-7751

Just so you know, I didn’t eat the rib eye….I had a sandwich and a baked potato with ketchup. I’ve been sticking with my diet for about 8 weeks now, and I’m 18.5 lbs down! Woop woop. I still have about 25lbs. left to go until I reach my “goal”, but I’m at least starting to recognize myself when I look in the mirror now.

Photo by my talented Uncle, Jere Grice